Monday, March 28, 2011

Kid Cudi (man on the moon!!)


This artist is a very out the ordinary rapper named Kid Cudi. This artist hails from Cleveland,Ohio and has been on the scene for years looking for a spot to speak his mind. This artist music implies that you should do what really makes you happy and not be that 'IT' person everyone tries to be. The movement from this artist is that he wants you to live stress free and stay true to figure yourself out even if you make it to success. Kid Cudi has a universal mind that connects with me on a personal level because his music makes me believe the better things of life and also hardship. Most of his music is out the box because he touches base on things of the human mind and emotion of life as they all pass by you. In general Kid Cudi makes real music that is relaxing and answers questions about what u may need to know.

Wiz khalifa


 This artist is named Wiz Khalifa beacause of the magic that his songs create. This artist has a worldwide movement as most know similar to a comoon hippie. Wiz Khalifa is being a postive leader is this type of movement because he believes that even if u smoke weed that you should always strive for peace and equality. The music that is created by this artist talks to you and put you in a calm,wild, and fun mood. The music is also versatile because he talk on life's dealings and expericences thaats causes mental disturbance. Wiz Khalifa is percieved a pothead that talks about anything irrelevant although, he is a underground rapper just getting to commercial status by hard work. Hard work plays a factor with this artist because he believes that you can smoke as much as you want but, you have to hard hard to do what u want to do.

Friday, March 4, 2011

J Cole is the future!!

                The certain music I listen to has a positive movement that makes a want to achieve alot in life. I want my readers to understand what this current artists' views on life and music. This upcoming artist is named J cole. J Cole is a rapper who speaks on the realities of life and staying true to yourself. Staying in school and living the right way is a common feeling with his music. The music he makes also is a stress reliever in the fact that he talks to your soul with a feeling that he knows you. J cole talks about manipulative women, a country with no jobs,friends that are enemies, and how to live be a successful person the right way. My thoughts on J Cole are that he a artist of times of this current struggle for the old and new generation.

Monday, February 21, 2011



This artist right here has a way with words and makes great music for the soul. The things he talk about calms me down everyday. Currensys' movement is something called "reeferlution",which is a term used for ones who smoke. This music also talks about staying true to who you are as a person trying to succeed in life. I dont think that marijuana is bad at all for people because it has so many postive outlooks. Currensy talks about this much in his music. The other things discussed are no good groupies in life,keeping your priorities straight, and living good pushing away bad influences of your life.


    This artist right here is powerful with wordplay and stories. This artist tells his listeners about his lifestlye that causes alot of thinking about future actions you make. Currensy is a artist who is leading the movement called 'reeferlution'. I believe that this movement causes turmoil because of the opinions others set on marijuana. In reality I think that this movement is great because it brings everyone together as one for a good cause. Currensy also believes that even if u smoke weed that u can be successful in anything. In life you have to work hard and thats what this artist does for his listeners. This artist came from being poor tap dancing in New Orleans to being a wealthy artist in music. Currensy inspires me to keep pushing myself and stay clear of people who are bad influences of my life. This artist also tells his listeners to be true to yourself and not to fit in with the 'in-crowd' and you will be happy in the end going in your own lane